"Pennies from Heaven is a two-room exhibition work by Jamie Bracken Lobb.

The exhibition begins with a carpeted structure; a site for whole body relaxation, reclining, becoming enveloped and swallowed in. The structure provides a warm, textured space, connecting our bodies to the universe.

The universe in this case is an animation featuring a collection of washers - found objects collected by the artist on city streets. Scaled up or embiggened, the washers disrupt ideas of time, scale and detail - each incidental mark, the effects of entropy, become exaggerated texture, craters or pockmarks on the skin, akin to those of an ancient relic or moon. The circular former both ancient and modern, raising questions of value and cultural significance.

The washer might be read as coins, universal symbols for seasonal and orbital cycles or man made sites of worship on earth; stone circles and Neolithic graves. They are predominantly found outside garages and in industrial areas - a neglectful resemble that warns of a catastrophe that might never ensue. Sent to Chile to be processed using Hi-Res 3Dscanning the washers were, under instruction of the artist, distributed back onto te street - the introduction of an invasive species or a for od idle cultural exchange."

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