About us

Makers of CG food so real you could almost eat it. 

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Please introduce yourself and your background in the 3D industry

_blankRepository, Co-Founded by two partners coming from different professional backgrounds and generations. Ivan Mery a 57 years old, old school designer, airbrusher and professional photographer and Ian Mery, a 26 years old CG Artist and entrepreneur, who had worked together in many projects plus several years in the Archviz business in Santiago, Chile. We are united not only by blood but by passion and dedication for quality work.

 I think you guys have one of the most unique and high quality niche collections within the 3d entourage space, how did you decide to start up _blankRepository?

We were out of a job, no much money or plans for the future, but we had met this incredible technology a couple of months before while doing a 3D shortcut called Isolated.

ISOLATED from Peak Pictures on Vimeo.

 I was thinking about doing something with photogrammetry since we had to use it to scan the faces of the actors in the shortcut. Looking for quick money we thought we could use it to scan women shoes to do 3D catalogs, but we quickly became discouraged by the idea of scanning shoes all day.

Then one day, out of thin air I began to remember all the times I needed 3D fruits or vegetables to put on my scenes, and then I realized all the times I needed 3D food for my commercial work and I found myself purchasing bad quality models over and over again, which didn't looked or felt like food. Then It was all clear, people needed the CG food, let us give them the CG food! 

What’s behind the name _blankRepository?

I  wanted to name the company DigitalRepository, but!.... It was already taken. 

I wanted to put some meaning into the name, but I didn’t want to use CG, 3D or scan. So, I knew I loved the word Repository, because of what it meant and we were making something new, something from scratch, and I wanted to add that concept to the name.

One day, while searching some stuff on the internet, I saw that _blank was in every new tab I created on my web browser and I thought it was a interesting concept, so I put them together.

I envision your working space feeling a bit like working in the produce section of the supermarket. Does your screen get wet every time the water mister comes on?  

Pretty much, yes. Usually a lot of corn starch flying around to makeup some chocolate or pastry. Some fruits getting bad on drawers, lots and lots of plastic wrappers and sometimes bitten donuts or delicatessens by one of our hungry crew guys.

It's usually a pretty clean environment, because most of the organic products have to be taken on the same day as they were purchased. 

But be honest, everything looks yummy but it's usually hards as a rock, for production purposes.